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Southport Dental Care is a preventive dental practice located in Southwest Calgary. We use the latest techniques, materials, and equipment to help you and your family achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting smiles.

Dr. Cichon and our dental health care team are passionate about creating dental wellness and building positive personal relationships along the way. We offer a variety of services in general dentistry such as teeth cleanings, fillings, dental bonding, and even dental implants. Have your child’s first dental appointment at our office, dental education is something we pride ourselves on.

We place a big focus not just on excellence in dentistry but also on delivering amazing customer service and creating a unique experience for each patient. Browse through our Google reviews and see why so many have made the switch to Southport Dental Care.

The Southport Advantage

Southport Dental Care - Calgary

Education Leads to Prevention

Southport Dental Care is a preventive dental practice that uses the latest techniques, materials and equipment to help you and your family achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy and long lasting smiles. Our dental health care team is passionate about creating dental wellness and building positive personal relationships along the way. Feeling relaxed and confident in your health care provider is important to you. Ensuring patients are fully informed with their treatment options and satisfied with the care they receive is important to us.

Southport Dental Care - Calgary

We Are Experts In Dealing With Dental Anxiety

We understand that the dentist isn’t everyone’s favourite place to visit and know that it can cause anxiety for patients of all ages. That’s why our waiting room and operatory are designed to make you feel light and relaxed while our highly qualified staff will be there to support you every step of the way. Ask as many questions as you need, we’ve got you covered!

Southport Dental Care - Calgary

Family Friendly, Kid Focused

From their very first appointment and beyond– children’s dentistry comes with its own unique set of milestones and challenges. We have the training and knowledge to monitor their dental health journey and gently encourage a lifetime of good oral health and hygiene in a way that works for both kids and parents.

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Patient Testimonials

Darcy and Heather Taylor

Dr. Cichon and his staff are absolutely amazing in every way. They go out of your their way to ensure you are comfortable, that you are aware of what is going on with your procedures or cleanings, they are funny, they are accommodating, and they are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I along with my entire family have been going here for years. They can do just about anything including cosmetic, hygiene, and all dental maintenance/problem-solving. My daughter and husband have complex needs due to a genetic condition and Dr. Cichon is...

Ian A.

Thank to Southport Dental Team. I appreciate all efforts especially in times of COVID-19. I’m sure it’s stressful. Everything runs like a well oiled machine. From the front desk to the hygienist Brookelyn. She is professional, fun, adds humour to ease my anxiety. Thank you Brookelyn. You are special and great in your field. Thank you for not killing me with mouth pain Dr. Dave and Dr.Kyle. I’ve had dental anxiety since childhood due to not a very nice dentist. I’m comfortable and in good spirits when I’m in the chair. Thank you. Happy Thanks...

Nicole Obermajer

I had been told I needed a 6000k implant at my other dentist. They also did not believe me my tooth was horribly infected. I went to the clinic and they did the root canal few days after I came in. They saved me 6000k and saved me from really bad pain. I am so thankful. The staff are so caring.

Southport Dental Care - Calgary

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