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Dental Hygiene

You have questions and we have answers. What is gum disease? How long is an appointment? Does the health of my gums affect my overall health?

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It is our belief and driving philosophy that the mouthguard an athlete chooses is at least as important as their other protective gear.

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Client Testimonials

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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Dave and his team of highly skilled professionals at Southport Dental Care for over five years. Initially, my dental care was all about looking after what needed to be done to get healthy and to get that million-dollar smile. Dentistry is not just about teeth; it’s about people, life stories, relationships, and faith. Lifting up Dr. Dave and his team in prayer.
Fr. Jerome Lavigne
This dental practice offers a skilled, respectful and comprehensive approach to Dentistry. Communication is the name of the game here, with staff immediately and patiently addressing questions and concerns. Our family has received excellent clinical care, genuine compassion and interest in our well being.
Dave and Lisa H.
I went to Southport Dental Care for a dental hygiene appointment with the hygienist. This was the best experience I have ever had! The hygienist is a very skilled and professional lady. Not to mention friendly! I would recommend her and this office to anyone!
Nathalie Feuiltault
I recently began to visit Dr. Cichon and the staff at Southport Dental Care after my previous Dentist retired. All I can say is WOW! The staff is so helpful and friendly and Dr. Cichon gave me amazing treatment, without any pressure. I am a patient for life!
Michael Chiasson
Dr. Cichon and Southport Dental Care offer a knowledgeable, professional and compassionate service with humor and care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Alice Reimer
We have been receiving excellent care from your office for the last 30+ years and we intend to keep coming back.
John Paul and Nicole A.

Services Offered


The word acupuncture is derived from the Latin “acus” meaning a needle, and “punctura” meaning puncture. Acupuncture involves the insertion of a very fine needle into trigger points (acupuncture points), which lie along a network of channels known as meridians that run throughout the body...

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Same-day Crowns

Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) have become an increasingly popular part of dentistry over the past 25 years. The technology, which is used in both the dental laboratory and the dental office, uses laser scanning technology to capture and create 3D...

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Implants: A Comfortable Alternative

Whether you’re missing one tooth or many, dental implants may be the treatment of choice to replace and restore your dentition to health and beauty. Dental implants act as a replacement root for missing teeth. Once inserted, the implants will fuse over time to the surrounding bone structure...

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Lasers in Dentistry

A laser is an instrument that produces a very narrow, intense beam of light energy. The beam of light produced by the laser delivers a controlled amount of energy which creates a chemical reaction, evaporating targeted tissue with incredible accuracy. This is used to...

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TMJ Therapy

Occlusal disease develops when upper and lower teeth do not fit together properly. “TMJ” problems, including pain, may occur as teeth wear against each other. Grinding teeth can make this problem much worse. Even in the absence of pain...

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Sedation IV vs Oral

When sedative medications are given intravenously (directly into the blood supply) it is much easier to achieve a rapid and predictable level of sedation. If the initial dose of sedative drug is insufficient to achieve a relaxed and comfortable...

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Sedation in Dentistry

Sedation dentistry alleviates the fear and apprehension surrounding a dental visit by using drugs to control anxiety. People who are sedated will be more relaxed, more willing to tolerate treatment and depending on the level...

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