Connective Tissue Grafts: Post-operative instructions

Do not try and look at the surgical site. Too much pressure or tension can dislodge the graft from an ideal position and affect the end result.


Do not brush the surgical site or the area around it. A prescription mouth rinse will be provided to help keep the area clean.


Use the Chlorhex oral rinse twice daily.


Avoid hot or spicy food for the first few days as they can cause discomfort. Also, avoid food with seeds or sticky food such as popcorn and grainy breads as they can get trapped in the sutures and further irritate the area.


Do take an anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) for discomfort. If you have allergies to Ibuprofen or have gastro-intestinal disorders, an alternative prescription can be provided.


We will see you in one week to evaluate the areas and determine if any sutures need to be removed. Another follow-up appointment will be scheduled at that time.


If you have any significant swelling, further questions or concerns, please call our office @ 255-3202. Alternatively, you can reach Dr. Cichon @ 264-7922 or 827-7839.