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When sedative medications are given intravenously (directly into the blood supply) it is much easier to achieve a rapid and predictable level of sedation.  If the initial dose of sedative drug is insufficient to achieve a relaxed and comfortable state, more medication can be given with almost instant results.

During IV sedation we titrate the dose of drugs to the patient’s needs.  This means that we can give as much or as little medication as is required to achieve a desired level of relaxation.  When a drug is given orally there is some guesswork involved in determining what the correct dose of the drug should be to obtain the ideal desired result. If not enough of the sedative is given, you may need to wait for 30-45 minutes until more medicine can be ingested and absorbed by your body.  The drugs we use are very safe and their effects are very predictable and totally reversible.  This is the safest form of drug administration.  It is also the most predictable and effective form of conscious sedation.

You may not be scared of your visit to the dentist, but you may know someone who is.  If you know somebody that may be a good candidate for sedation please pass on Dr. Cichon’s name to them – he would love to help them out!


Dr Cichon is a trained hospital dentist who has performed over 1200 iv-conscious sedation procedures since 1998 in both private practice and hospital settings.

It is true that all anaesthetic procedures carry with them some degree of risk; however, to minimize this risk, state-of-the-art hospital grade monitors are used to continuously evaluate a patient’s pulse, degree of oxygenation, blood pressure, heart rate and airway patency.

Dr. Cichon and his team are trained in advanced resuscitation procedures and an on-site defibrillator is present in the office to manage any significant unexpected problems.