Dental Hygiene

You have questions and we have answers. What is gum disease? How long is an appointment? Does the health of my gums affect my overall health?

CAD/CAM Dentistry (Same day crowns)

Crowns without all the fuss of traditional full coverage restorations…no messy impressions, laser precision scanning and fabrication, same day tooth preparation and crown insertion.

CAD/CAM dentistry creates an experience that changes how dentistry is delivered.

Sedation Dentistry

Are you anxious about dental procedures? Do long appointments make your jaws sore and tired? Do you struggle to relax in the dental chair? The team at Southport Dental care is trained in many types of dental anesthesia allowing us to customize your sedation to your specific needs.


It is our belief and driving philosophy that the mouthguard an athlete chooses is at least as important as their other protective gear.

Implant dentistry

Whether you’re missing one tooth or many, dental implants may be the treatment of choice to replace and restore your smile to health and beauty.

Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry

Every individual has different wants, needs, past experiences and expectations. Southport Dental Care offers a patient centric, team oriented comprehensive approach to diagnosing and managing your specific dental health care needs. Your health and wellness…’s our passion.


TMJ issues affect a person’s ability to eat, to sleep and to enjoy the finer things in life. If you suffer from ongoing issues with your jaw joints and bite, let us help you rediscover the joy of being pain-free. The team at Southport Dental Care is passionate about managing jaw and bite related problems.

Dental Sleep Medicine

Snoring or sleep apnea not only is disruptive to your bed partner, but it can have serious, damaging, life-altering effects on your health. Treating sleep apnea promotes a healthier heart, body and mind. With the help of the team at Southport Dental Care, you can improve your sleep and your health.