Care Instructions Following Placement of Temporary Removable Denture (Flipper)

You have just received a temporary acrylic removable partial denture, commonly called a ‘flipper’. The term flipper comes from patients being able to ‘flip’ these appliances in and out with their tongue.


Care: Brush the appliance with your tooth brush when you brush your teeth. Avoid wrapping the flipper in a Kleenex when not in your mouth — many patients have accidentally thrown out their appliance.

Overnight: Most patients do not wear their appliance at night. Either keep it in the case you have been provided or in a glass of water.


Speech: Expect your speech to be altered for a week or two until you become accustomed to the appliance.


Eating: You should be able to eat with your appliance. Some patients who are not self-conscious about their cosmetics will remove the flipper to eat.


Retention: If you have an upper appliance that is not staying in position, you can resort to denture adhesives such as Polygrip and let us know as the appliance can be made to fit tighter, particularly if there are clasps.


Sore Spots: If you develop some sore areas where the acrylic of the appliance is rubbing against your gum tissue, then please arrange for us to adjust your appliance.