When Upper and Lower Teeth Do Not Fit Together


Southport Dental Care is a comprehensive dental practice that specializes in managing bite problems and TMJ disorders.


Occlusal disease develops when upper and lower teeth do not fit together properly. “TMJ” problems, including pain, may occur as teeth wear against each other. Grinding teeth can make this problem much worse. Even in the absence of pain, an uneven bite is affecting tooth structure, bone, roots, gum tissue and jaw joints. Excessive wear, cracks, fractures, tooth movements, tooth sensitivity, cavities, and gum disease can all be part of the occlusal disease process.


With appropriate therapy, tooth wear and premature aging of the mouth can be minimized. Dr. Cichon and his team of dental care experts believe that you are entitled to the highest standard of care possible. The highest standard of care consists of customized treatment, appropriate to the individual patient’s circumstance.


Treatment of occlusal disease (TMJ problems) may include one or more of the following: bite splint therapy, equilibration (reshaping of the teeth to fit evenly together when biting), orthodontics, replacement of missing teeth, or restoration of damaged teeth. Diagnosing and treating TMJ/occlusal problems is essential to optimal health, comfort, ideal appearance, and dentistry that will last a lifetime.


Having a smile redesign or “cosmetic makeover” that is beautiful is not enough. Teeth need to function properly for long-lasting results.


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